Research Associate Tuition Waiver – Survey Results

In May we surveyed Research Associates regarding a tuition waiver benefit.

In response to the survey, we heard back from 185 individuals, which is approximately 59% of the total UBC Research Associate group. 70% of respondents indicated that they do not wish to have a reduction in their GWI to fund a tuition fee benefit.  This strongly supports the results of the previous survey conducted in 2017.  As a result, we will not be moving forward with a tuition fee benefit.


Research Associate compensation, as is the case with all other employee groups at UBC, is governed by PSEC and may only change in accordance with their mandate. Under PSEC’s mandate in order to add a tuition fee benefit, a compensation trade-off of equal value must be made, and this is typically done by reducing a General Wage Increase (GWI); as such, the University is not able to simply provide a tuition waiver benefit without reducing a GWI.  This is consistent with the compensation packages of all other employee groups at UBC.