Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) – Changes and Registration for 2019/20 Cohort are Underway

ALDP is in the process of change – but that doesn’t mean you should not be signing up your new Heads, Directors and Associate Deans for next year’s program which starts with the ever popular ALDP Boot Camp on August 26 and 27, 2019.

Stepping down from the role of ALDP Program Director, a position she has held for 6 years, is Fran Watters. Stepping into the position for the next year will be Mark Trowell, senior manager in Faculty Relations. Julianna Chen, ALDP’s program manager will be on a personal leave starting in September and the process is underway right now to find her replacement.


The good news is that ALDP goes on! Open to faculty in a new academic leadership role (priority is given to new Heads, Deans, Associate Deans) at UBC, ALDP focusses on leadership development through coaching, online learning, studios and workshops. The Program begins with the two-day intensive “Boot Camp, Part I: Getting Started as an Academic Leader at UBC” in August and then over the course of the 2019/20 academic year, ALDP offers a number of resources for leadership development including:


  • Two intensive “Boot Camps” in late August and early December, which focus on leadership fundamentals new academic leaders need in order to establish themselves well in their roles
  • Three workshops focusing on broad leadership topics such as “Engaging with Conflict,” “Leading Change,” and “Transitioning to Year Two”
  • Six breakfast- and lunch-time studios focusing on specific topics relevant to needs of academic leaders, such as “Cultivating Effective Faculty Relations,” “Supporting Research in Your Unit,” and “The Changing Landscape of Teaching and Learning”
  • Leadership styles assessment and an opportunity to receive reflective, individual feedback on leadership development, using an Appreciative Inquiry approach
  • Confidential, one-on-one executive coaching to support cohort members in identifying and achieving their leadership goals
  • Online learning modules accessible through the ALDP Canvas site

ALDP alumni have reported the Program has helped them become more effective leaders and derive more personal satisfaction from their leadership roles. Comments from this year’s cohort include: “This is an excellent program, provides practical and applicable skills and knowledge”; “a tremendous boost to my skill set and readiness”; and “an effective program for academic leaders at UBC”.

Administrators, Heads, and Deans are encouraged to highlight and offer ALDP to faculty when recruiting for academic leadership positions. For questions about the Program and to enroll a new academic leader in the 2019/20 Program, please contact Julianna Chen, ALDP Program Manager, at or 604-827-2783. Further information about ALDP can also be found on the Program website,