Immigration Updates

Documentation in support of Implied Status

As soon as a foreign academic has made their application for a new work permit please ensure that a copy of Confirmation of Receipt Letter issued by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is provided to Faculty Relations/Human Resources.  If the application for a new work permit is made in paper format a copy of the payment receipt as well as proof that the application is delivered (e.g. Canada post tracking information) must be provided.  We have updated our website to reflect this.  Please remember that as soon as the foreign academic receives a reply from IRCC a copy of the work permit or communique must be forwarded to Faculty Relations/Human Resources right away.

Travel outside Canada while on Implied Status

In order for the University to continue paying a faculty member who has implied status they should not leave Canada.  If they do leave Canada they must inform the University and we must cease paying them until a new work permit is issued.  Individuals in this circumstance may be allowed to re-enter Canada as a temporary resident, pending a decision on the renewal of their application to work in Canada, provided they are temporary resident visa (TRV)-exempt.  However, they may NOT resume work in Canada until their application for renewal has been granted.  Further information is found on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Visiting Foreign Academics – Clarification on which authorization is required

Administrators are likely familiar with the process to invite foreign faculty members under IRCC’s Academic Exchange exemption, but there are other categories of visitors where the process is not as straight-forward and it’s not clear what IRCC authorization is required.  Housing & Relocation Services has created a handy chart that provides a breakdown of the most common IRCC Authorizations.