Expiring Work Permits & December Break

Faculty members at UBC on a work permit and whose appointments will continue must renew their work permits in advance of the expiry date of their current permit. This is particularly important for those members on work permits that are expiring near the end of the year and who are considering leaving Canada during the December break.  Individuals who apply for an extension of their work permit prior to the expiry of the current one will normally have implied status. This means that UBC may continue to pay salary while the individual awaits their new work permit – note that implied status remains in place only if the individual remains in Canada. A faculty member leaving Canada while they do not have a valid work permit will not have implied status for work purposes and UBC will have to cease their salary and they must cease working until a positive decision on their application has been made.

Note that the current IRCC processing times for a new work permit for the same employer is 68 business days (approx. 3 months).

Should a faculty member leave Canada before they receive their new work permit they will no longer have implied status for work purposes, and UBC must cease paying them and the faculty member must cease working until a positive decision on their application has been made.  This will result in an interruption of pay until a new work permit is processed and approved and may impact their inability to return to Canada.  Administrators need to inform Faculty Relations/Human Resources immediately of such cases.

Questions regarding implied status and what happens should a foreign academic leave Canada should be directed to contact Immigration.help@ubc.ca.

We ask that administrators run HRMS Query #208 (EE_VISA_EXPIRATION_INFO) to view the work permit expiry information for their faculty members.

Further information on work permit renewal and implied status is found on the Faculty Relations immigration webpage.