Service Canada Changes for Foreign Academic Hires

Changes to Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): Service Canada made a change last year to the LMIA application forms and employers are no longer required to provide a completed a Foreign Academic Recruitment Summary (FARS).  Previously, when a foreign academic was hired, Departments had to complete a FARS. Instead, the information has been incorporated into the LMIA application itself, which Faculty Relations/Human Resources completes.  The list of required documents that must be provided to Faculty Relations/Human Resources is found on the Faculty Relations website.  Please be sure to use the forms found on our website to ensure you are using an up-to-date version.

Changes to Advertising Requirements Under an LMIA: Service Canada made changes last year to the rules regarding advertising for foreign academics, and they now require employers to advertise on the National Job Bank.  Faculty Relations contacted Service Canada regarding this change and were informed that employers can opt not use the National Job Bank, but if they do so a rationale must be provided to Service Canada.

As a result of these changes the Foreign Academic Form will be updated.  The updated form should be loaded in the coming weeks.