PDR Reminder: Expiry of Professional Development Funds (PDR) Accrued in the 2013/14 Academic Year

A reminder of the upcoming expiry date for PDR Funds that were accrued in the 2013/14 academic year. Any unused funds from 2013/14, must be used and claimed before the June 30, 2018 year-end, otherwise access to this carried forward amount will expire and be forfeited as of July 1, 2018.

To access an unused fund amount from 2013/14, a completed PDR Fund expense claim form must be received in Human Resources, on the Vancouver campus, by Friday, June 22nd at 4:30pm, in order to provide time for PDR claim processing prior to the June 30 year-end expiry date.

PDR Funds accrue at $1,100 per academic year (pro-rated for partial years) and can be carried forward to a maximum of five years. Claim submission amounts are applied against the value of the oldest carried forward PDR funds first, when applicable. Claims may be submitted up to three times per year and must be within 12 months of the expense purchase date.

The following are online PDR resources:

Faculty members will receive an email directly from the PDR desk informing them of the upcoming expiry.