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Tentative Agreement on Collective Agreement

The University and the Faculty Association have reached a tentative 3-year agreement for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019. The joint communication from the University and the Faculty Association regarding the tentative agreement can be viewed on the Faculty Relations website.

Salary Increases for Bargaining Unit members

Once the tentative agreement has been ratified we will move forward with the increases. In the meantime we are making preparations to process the increases in successive order. It is anticipated that the 2016 Progress Through the Ranks and General Wage Increases will be processed in the fall of 2017. The 2017 and 2018 increases will follow thereafter. At this time we are unable to provide specific dates, but we will be working as quickly as we can to process all increases. As soon as a schedule has been established Faculty Relations will communicate this information.

Reappointments: Keep in mind that as we move forward with the increases HRMS will be frozen for periods of time. As such administrators should ensure that they have processed reappointment paperwork as early as possible for any term positions that have an end-date within the next 6 months. Keep in mind that the 2018 increases will be processed in time for the 2018 July 15th paycheque therefore reappointments for appointments ending June 30, 2018 must be processed as early as possible in 2018 and not later than 2018 March 31st.

Merit & PSA for 2016 & 2017: By now eligible faculty members should have provided their annual reports and the merit & PSA process within each department should have commenced. Departments should not wait until their receive notice of their merit & PSA amounts to make rankings.

Career Progress, Merit & PSA values: The calculation of the July 1, 2016 value is underway and the values will be provided to each Dean’s Office as early as possible. The calculation of the July 1, 2017 value cannot commence until after the July 1, 2016 increases have been completed, however the 2017 Career Progress and Length of Service CP has been loaded to HRMS. An email has already been sent to Dean’s Office administrators informing them of the steps to take to check the accuracy of the data.

July 1, 2017 – Research Associate Compensation

Research Associates at UBC will receive a 0.5% General Wage Increase (GWI) effective July 1, 2017. This is as in accordance with the mandate of the Provincial Government through the Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC). As a result of this increase the minimum salary for Research Associates increases to $55,258 effective July 1, 2017.

A reminder that compensation for Research Associates may only change as per mandated increases or if the initial offer letter contained language that specifically allowed for a salary increase upon reappointment. A reminder that the Research Associate offer letter templates is found on the Faculty Relations website and contains suggested language.

As we mentioned in our March newsletter the University was reviewing the tuition waiver benefit for Research Associates. After the consultation process, which included conducting a survey of Research Associates it was decided that the University would not move forward with the Tuition Waiver Benefit at this time.

Changes to UBC Policy #20

On June 14, 2017, the Board of Governors approved the amendment of Policy #20 (Advertising of Available Employment Positions). There are a number of changes to the policy, and we recommend that everyone who is involved in faculty and staff recruiting familiarize themselves with the updated policy. Notable changes include:

  • The expansion of advertisement waiver options – see Article 5.2 of the Policy
  • A revised Diversity Statement (also being updated in E-Recruit and on our advertising templates) – see Article 2 of the Procedures
  • A new section on Canada Research Chair advertising requirements – see Article 5 of the Procedures

Advertising on WorkBC

The amended policy includes information on the advertising of certain roles on WorkBC and the Canada Job Bank. Our practice at UBC is to post on WorkBC, a free service provided by the Provincial Government, which pushes the job postings out automatically to the Canada Job Bank. To set up a user account for your department within the central UBC company account, please contact Colette Hogg

Advertising Canada Research Chairs

Effective October 2017 the nomination package for a new Canada Research Chair (CRC) will be required to include a copy of the open job advertisement for the Chair position. Nominations that do not provide evidence of an openly advertised process will not be accepted by the program – this applies to all new, advanced, and foreign nominations. This requirement does not apply to renewals.

The CRC Secretariat in Ottawa has confirmed that the Immigration Statement may appear in CRC ads.  Regardless of whether the Immigration Statement appears in the ad, UBC must be able to demonstrate that the competition for the CRC was open, transparent and equitable, gathering a range of applicants and selecting the strongest one that meets the criteria set out in the job ad.

The benefit of including the Immigration Statement is that if the individual will not have the CRC award in hand prior to their appointment start date at UBC, we will be able to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

If you have any questions regarding this or Canada Research Chairs please refer to the CRC page on the Provost’s website, or contact Linda Leathley at 604.827.1877 or

Advertisements for Academic Head of Unit

Advertisements for Heads of Academic units must be reviewed and approved by the Provost’s Office prior to posting. Where the posting is internal the ad should be emailed to the Provost’s Office as follows:

UBC Vancouver:
UBC Okanagan:

Where an external ad is required, the standard advertising process is followed – Professorial (and Head) appointment created in Position Management and is automatically routed to Faculty Relations and Provost’s Office for approvals.

Advertising Waivers

A reminder that requests to waive the advertising requirement for tenure stream positions should be emailed to both the Provost’s Office and Faculty Relations/Human Resources at the same time.  Faculty Relations/Human Resources will review the rationale for the request, consistency with Policy and 20 and any possible immigration-related issues.  The Provost’s Office will review and provide approval as applicable.

UBC Vancouver: Please use the following email address to request an advertising waiver:

UBC Okanagan: Please use the following email address to request an advertising waiver:

The waiving of term appointments is handling directly by Faculty Relations (UBC Vancouver) and Human Resources (UBC Okanagan).  If you have questions regarding this please contact the Senior Manager for your portfolio.

On an annual basis Faculty Relations will provide a report to the Board of Governor of advertisements waived.

Immigration Update

The Government of Canada announced the launch of the two-year Global Skills Strategy pilot project, effective June 12, 2017. The new Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has been created to help employers recruit highly specialized and skilled talent more quickly. While it is not yet clear how these changes will impact UBC, there are three major components in particular that may affect our recruitment of foreign faculty members and other academics:

  • Two-week processing of work permits – Foreign academics, if newly applying from outside Canada, will be eligible for priority two-week processing of their work permits. Spouses and dependents of the worker will also be eligible for two-week processing.
  • Work permit exemption for short-term researchers – Researchers coming to perform research at the invitation of UBC will be eligible for a work permit exemption if they are coming for 120 days or less. This exemption applies once within a 12-month period. The University’s process has generally enabled such researchers to arrive under the work permit-exempt Business Visitor stream, so it is not yet clear how this new exemption might apply differently.
  • Dedicated service channel – A new dedicated service channel for certain employers and Universities has been announced. This dedicated service channel has not yet been formalized, but from all indications, Universities will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will answer questions and provide guidance on the process.

More details on these changes and how they will affect UBC faculty should emerge in the next few months as the Global Skills Strategy is implemented. Further information may be found in the IRCC News Release.

Fellowship Earnings – no longer attracting taxes

UBC has made a change recently to fellowship (FEL) earnings and is no longer withholding income tax for Postdoctoral Fellows who are in receipt of FEL earnings. The change also applies to students in receipt of fellowship earnings. This change came into effect May 31, 2017. Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies communicated this in early June to all those affected.

This change was prompted by a review of current UBC practice and the resulting conclusion that this change is necessary to bring UBC into compliance with Canada Revenue Agency tax policy.

Should Postdoctoral Fellows or administrators have further questions please visit: for details.