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Research Associates – Compensation

Research Associates at UBC are eligible to receive the 0.35% Economic Stability Dividend (ESD) increase that was announced by the BC government on November 29th, 2016. The ESD, which is effective May 1, 2017, is as a result of a higher than predicted economic growth in BC. As a result of this increase the minimum salary for Research Associates as of May 1, 2017 is $54,441.

A reminder that compensation for Research Associates is covered under the mandate of the Provincial Government through the Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC), and as such salaries may only change as per the PSEC mandate and the approval of the Board of Governors. Salaries may also increase if the initial offer letter contained language that specifically allowed for a salary increase upon reappointment.  The Research Associate offer letter templates found on the Faculty Relations website contain suggested language.

The University has received requests from Research Associates for a tuition waiver benefit. We have already started a consultation process and are seeking input from Research Associates via an online survey. A link to the survey was provided to all active Research Associates on March 1st.  Any Research Associate who did not receive an email regarding a tuition waiver benefit should contact the Faculty Relations Admin email.

Professional Development Reimbursement Funds

Professional Development Reimbursement Funds (PDR) that have been carried over from the 2012/2013 academic year must be used and claimed by June 30th, 2017. Unused funds from five years ago can only be carried over until June 30th of this year and will be deemed to have been forfeited on July 1st.

For Sessional Lecturers without continuing status, the carry-forward limit is two years and claims made by the June 30th for funds assessed on the February 15th assessment or by December 31st of this year for funds assessed on August and October 15th. Please note that the funds can be carried forward even if you are not teaching this semester and that the claims need to be made within 12 months of the date when the expense was made.

All faculty members (except Sessionals) can view their PDR fund balance online. Sessional Lecturers who wish to know their PDR fund balances can contact Tina Lu at (PPS PDR). For further information on PDR funds, please refer to the PDR page.

A reminder that claims can be submitted up to three times per year, and must be within 12 months of the expense being incurred. The expense must have the support of the Academic Head of Unit. A reminder also that departments are responsible for tracking goods purchased with PD funds and ensuring, where applicable the return of such goods.

2016 Bargaining

The first bargaining bulletin for the 2016 bargaining period has been released and is posted on the Faculty Bargaining page of the Faculty Relations website. All further bulletins will be posted there.  The University’s and the Faculty Association’s proposals are found on the following pages:

2017 Merit & PSA Review

As we move into the New Year it is time to commence preparations for the 2017 merit & PSA review. The review period, as per the Collective Agreement is April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2017.

Joint Appointments: Promotion and Tenure Considerations

For those faculty members who are jointly appointed in more than one academic unit, it is important that the tenure and promotion process is documented and agreed upon by the hiring units prior to the individual faculty member’s start date. The tenure and promotion process can be found on the Faculty Relations website, and please refer to the Joint Appointment Checklist which can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document from the Faculty Relations Joint Appointment page.

Senior Appointments Committee Deadline

Please be advised that the deadline for the 2016/2017 Senior Appointments Committee (SAC) cases is April 19th, 2017. This date is firm and is set in order for SAC to be able to review the submitted cases before their final meeting on June 23rd, 2017. Any cases submitted beyond the deadline will not be reviewed until the start of the 2017/2018 academic year in September. Please share this information with your departments, so they can plan accordingly.

Immigration Update – Permanent Residence Applications

Effective November 19th, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has updated the Express Entry System. The most significant changes involve points allocations for job offers and Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs). Changes that affect UBC faculty are as follows:

  • LMIA points reduced: Now only 50 points will be given for job offers in the NOC O, A, or B occupation in which most faculty positions can be found. Prior to the change express entry candidates were provided with 600 points for an LMIA.
  • 600 Points for provincial nomination: 600 points will be given for anyone who is nominated under the BC Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).
  • LMIA Exemption: For those who have obtained a work permit under an LMIA exemption (e.g. NAFTA, Research Award Recipient) they will receive points as long as the job offer is a minimum of 1 year.
  • Study in Canada: Points will be awarded for study in Canada above the high school level. 30 CRS points are now granted for completing a 3-year post-secondary program in Canada or a Master’s, professional, or doctoral degree of more than one academic year.
  • Number of days to apply: Applicants who have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) now have 90 days rather than 60 days to apply for permanent residence.

Candidates in the express entry system are ranked against others in the pool using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and if an individual has enough points they are provided with an ITA.  The number of points will vary between rounds of applications. Information on the draws for each round is found on the IRCC website.

Voting Eligibility for ARTP Committees

Recently a clarification was made to the voting eligibility for review of tenure / tenure track reappointments, tenure and promotion. Please refer to the most recent version of the voting eligibility on our website before proceeding.

Study Leave is for Study or Research

A reminder that study leave is intended to permit a member of faculty to pursue study or research, of benefit to the individual and the University. During the period of leave faculty members should not be asked to take on additional duties, whether those duties are with pay or not.