Implementation of the 2014 GWI & 2015 GWI, CPI, Merit & PSA

Now that a Collective Agreement for 2014-2016 is in place the faculty salary increases can proceed. The increases are comprised of a number of items including General Wage Increase (GWI) as well as Career Progress, Merit & Performance Salary Adjustment which are collectively referred to as Progress Through the Ranks (PTR). Due to the number of increases and the complexity of each, the anticipated timing of the increases for 2016 are as follows:

  • 2014 GWI for regular Faculty – July 30th paycheque
  • 2014 GWI for Sessional Lecturers – August 15th paycheque
  • 2015 GWI for Sessional Lecturers – August 31st paycheque
  • 1% lump sum for Sessional Lecturers – September 30th paycheque
  • 2015 GWI & PTR for regular Faculty – November 30th paycheque
  • 1% lump sum for regular Faculty – December 15th paycheque

These dates could change should any unanticipated issues arise. If this were to occur, date changes will be communicated accordingly. Please check for any updates.