Cancellation of Study Leave

A reminder regarding the cancellation of study leave due to illness, maternity and/or parental leave.

Cancellation of Study Leave Due to Illness

When a faculty member becomes ill for a significant period of time during the Study Leave, then the leave could be converted to a Sick Leave as necessary. If the Sick Leave is only for a short period and does not result in the cancellation of the Study Leave, then the Study Leave arrangement continues unchanged until the normal end of the term of the leave.

If the Study Leave must be converted to a Sick Leave, then the salary will be returned to the full level that was in effect prior to the start of the Study Leave.

The Study Leave time that is converted to Sick Leave is deferred to a later date which is mutually agreed upon by the member and the department, and the amount of salary paid during the leave will be the same as the original Study Leave salary entitlement. Accrual of time for the next Study Leave will commence as of the end-date of the original Study Leave.

Cancellation of Study Leave during Maternity/Parental Leave

If a faculty member goes on Maternity or Parental Leave during the Study Leave, then the Study Leave will be cancelled. The salary entitlement and deferral of the Study Leave will be handled in the same manner as in the cancellation due to illness.

If you have any questions regarding cancellations of study leave, please connect with the applicable contact at Faculty Relations (Vancouver Campus) or Human Resources (Okanagan Campus) contact. Contact information can be found at