Bargaining Update

The interest arbitration between the University and the Faculty Association took place February 16-18, 2016. The panel’s decision will be available later in the spring.

As we mentioned in Bargaining Bulletin #15, the University and the Faculty Association met in January, 2015, and reached agreement on a number of issues, while remaining far apart on issues of compensation and term.

A three-person arbitration panel will determine the outstanding matters for the collective agreement with the Faculty Association, with effect from July 1, 2014. The panel is composed of Colin Taylor, Q.C. (who was the chair for the last UBC/FA arbitration in 2013), Dr. Judith Osborne, Vice-President, Legal Affairs and Secretary to the Board for Simon Fraser University (UBC nominee), and Dr. Michael Conlon, Executive Director, Confederation of University Faculty Associations, BC (UBCFA nominee). We will provide an update once the arbitration decision has been reached.

We had originally planned to go to interest arbitration in October 2015 (see Bargaining Bulletin #15), but those dates were delayed to February, 2016 (see Bargaining Bulletin #30).