Travel Grants for Sessionals

UBC and the UBC Faculty Association are pleased to announce travel grants for sessional faculty who will be presenting papers at academic conferences in 2015. Depending on demand, each grant will have a maximum value of up to $1,000 and may be used for travel, accommodation, and conference fees.

These funds are made available from the unused sessional PD funds as per article 7.09(d) of the Collective Agreement. The application and reimbursement process is as follows:

  • Sessional Lecturers submit request for travel grant to the Faculty Association. This is based on an announcement made in January, 2015, by the Association.
  • Applications are reviewed and successful applicants are provided with written pre-approval.
  • Following the conference the sessional will complete a reimbursement form (form is under development) and submit it to their Department Head & Administrator along with all pertinent receipts and the pre-approval. In this way the department is aware that the Teaching Fund will be covering costs associated with the conference.
  • Department Head signs off.
  • Administrator forwards package to the Faculty PD Desk in Payment & Procurement Services (Vancouver campus).
  • Sessional is reimbursed once they have returned to an active appointment. If a department initially covers the cost of the conference the reimbursement will be to the Department (in that case a JV will also need to be attached).