FTE Credits for Sessional Lecturers

A reminder that units are responsible for providing sessional lecturers with updated reports of their accumulated service (FTE) at the beginning of each appointment (Part 7, Article 4.05 of the Collective Agreement). This is important both for keeping sessionals informed of their accumulation of FTE, and their continuing status, as well as equipping department heads to effectively manage resources. When tracking accumulated service, keep in mind that some sessionals may lecture in multiple departments. An FTE statement has been added to the sessional offer letters, and administrators will need to add the total cumulative FTE as indicated.

Administrators should review the FTE status of sessional lecturers on at least a semi-annual basis and at least 4 months prior to a reappointment. To view this information in ISIS, click on Reports (along the top menu) and choose Total UBC FTE Months List. Your faculty name should automatically populate. Choose “All” and a list will appear with all sessionals in your department. The FTE listed is university-wide and that’s the number you should enter in the letter. For questions or clarification regarding a specific sessional lecturer, contact a Faculty Relations Assistant Manager at the Vancouver campus, or an HR Associate on the Okanagan campus.