Learning & Development


Virtual working has provided many opportunities to stretch into new technologies, ways of communicating and doing our work.

Opportunities for faculty and staff 

There are a number of opportunities to access learning and development activities.

Attend a Workshop

Explore upcoming learning and development workshops to build your skills, confidence and capacity in various areas of your personal and professional growth. Sessions vary in price from $0-$350 and are PD Funds eligible.

Access your LinkedIn Learning

As UBC faculty and staff, you receive free, unlimited access to the library of high-quality digital tutorials, courses, and curated learning paths with LinkedIn Learning. Explore just-in-time learning on a variety of topics, and learn at your own pace.  Consider these on-demand course:

Browse UBC’s Workplace Learning Ecosystem

The Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL) is a new, central catalogue with learning offered by UBC and available to employees. This platform is intended to support training, wellbeing and professional development. Discover new learning opportunities available at UBC by visiting the Workplace Learning Ecosystem.

Access your PD Funds

As part of the university’s commitment to an outstanding work environment, we seek to provide our faculty and staff with improved access to professional development opportunities. Funding is available for several employee groups at UBC to support professional development. Learn more about Professional Development Funding.

Resources for teaching online

The Keep Teaching website offers resources for faculty planning and designing online courses and classes. The website also provides guidance on how to prepare to offer lectures, group work, discussion, assignments and assessments online. Visit the Keep Teaching Support page to learn more.

We’re here for you

The Organizational Development (OD) and Learning team can provide a wide range of services to support units across the university. This expertise is grounded in evidence-based approaches and supports the advancement of UBC’s strategic commitments.

If you have a request, and feel you would benefit by working with our team of OD and Learning Consultant, please complete the OD&L Request Form. One of our ODL team members will get back to you.

How to select a valuable learning offering

A variety of webinars, articles, tips and tools are being circulated within our networks, so how do you find a valuable offering that will support you and your work?

Research shows that when we actively engage with the information and find ways to apply it in our everyday context, it becomes sticky. Learning that is sticky, or memorable, supports us in finding ways to take action and have greater impact in what we do at work. Consider:

  • What is pertinent to you now?
  • How is your work currently stretching you?
  • What learning offers transferable skills?
  • How can I set aside intentional learning space?

Make time for learning

Allot dedicated time to ongoing professional development goals and just-in-time learning needs. Recognize new learning needs that are arising due to an increase in remote-working. Seek informal and formal channels to grow your knowledge-base, capacity and confidence.

Stretch yourself

The new landscape of work, research, and learning offers opportunities to stretch our skills. These include projects or tasks that may push us outside of our comfort and current knowledge-base, however, they present skill-building as well as personal and professional growth opportunities outside of a formal learning session.

Reflect afterwards

Reflection allows us to process and think critically about what we’ve learned. Following a learning experiences, consider:

  • What learning stands out and why?
  • How does this inform my approach?
  • What can I share back with my peers?
  • What learning will I put into action immediately?
  • Who can I ask to hold me accountable to this learning?

Further Information

See https://covid19.ubc.ca/ for university wide updates.