Starting Salaries

For employee groups with negotiated salary ranges, starting salaries are mandated in the collective agreements and are outlined in published salary scales.

For non-union employee groups, there are no set policies and guidelines; however, there are common practices used at UBC.

Job postings list salaries from the minimum to the midpoint of the job’s salary range, since most people will be hired between these two pay levels.

Those hired at the minimum of the range are generally recent graduates, or someone who has all of the qualifications, but very little experience. It is expected that these new hires will take a number of years to become fully proficient in the job.

Those hired at the midpoint of the range possess all the necessary qualifications, as well as sufficient experience to “hit the ground running” in the job, that is they will become proficient in the position in very little time.

For special circumstances where departments would like to hire a candidate outside of the usual salary range, this must be done in consultation and with the approval of UBC HR Compensation staff.