Merit Pay Increases

Performance-based merit pay provides a way for M&P employees (in AAPS), Non-Union Technicians & Research Assistants, Executive Administrative staff and Farm Workers to move from the midpoint to the maximum of their salary ranges. It recognizes and rewards meritorious performance. Funding for the program is reviewed annually by the Board of Governors, and is approved based on the university’s ability to pay for increases.

The program also requires that all departments use the same range of increases, even if they are able to afford higher increases, so that the program is equitable for all of UBC.

Administrators and department heads administer merit pay increases annually.

Management & Professional Staff

Non-Union Technicians & Research Assistants, Executive Administrative Staff & Farm Workers

Dates & Deadlines

Staff are eligible for merit increases for their current position if as of the merit criteria date (for 2019, this date is June 30, 2018):

  • they were at the midpoint of their salary range or above, and
  • they have completed their probationary period

Administrators must complete the merit spreadsheet and return it to Sabrina Basra at through Workspace. Staff Appointment forms should be forwarded to your payroll representative by July 12, 2019.

Merit increases will be reflected on paycheques for July 31, 2019.

Alternative Merit Rewards

While performance-based merit pay is designed to provide a tool to move employees from the midpoint to the maximum of their salary ranges, managers also have the option of awarding employees with one-time bonuses instead of a salary raise.

Note: Employees who are currently at the top of their salary range are not eligible for ongoing salary increases, but can be rewarded for meritorious performance through alternative means such as one-time bonuses, extra vacation time or career development opportunities such as conferences, courses, or coaching.

Questions on Merit Pay?

Should you have any questions related to the Merit Pay program, please contact Sabrina Basra at or 604-827-2464.