2019 M&P Compensation Review: FAQs for M&P Staff

Some commonly asked questions pertaining to the M&P Compensation Review are answered below.

If you have questions:

If you are an M&P staff member with a question about how the implementation of the M&P Compensation Review affects you, please note the following:

  • The Human Resources and Payroll departments are currently in the process of programming and implementing the changes. Information about your individual eligibility is not yet available.
  • We anticipate that applicable salary increases will appear on staff members’ March 15, 2020 pay cheques. If there are any changes to this timeline, we will communicate the new dates to the campus community.
  • M&P staff members who are receiving a salary increase will receive a letter in late February outlining the change.

Questions about how individual staff members are affected may be directed to compensation@hr.ubc.ca on or after March 15, 2020.


The University regularly conducts market reviews in order to evaluate the competitiveness of the University’s M&P compensation.  In late 2018, we commenced the current market review in order to benchmark our M&P compensation against external comparators.

As a result of the survey, some of UBC’s M&P staff members will receive a pay grade and/or salary increase. This compensation review has not resulted in a general wage increase (GWI) for all M&P staff. Only the job family levels that have fallen most behind the relevant comparator market as identified by the compensation survey have been targeted.

Even if a job family level is reclassified to a different pay grade, this does not mean that every employee within that job family level will receive a salary increase.  Increases are determined based on the staff member’s salary within the pay grade relative to the minimum and the midpoint salaries.

FAQs for M&P Staff

Q1: Will I receive a salary increase as a result of the compensation survey?

A: It depends.  There are a few factors that are determinative:

[1] If your salary fell below the minimum of the “new pay grade”, then your salary will be increased to the minimum of the “new pay grade”.  This will occur on the effective date (July 1, 2019).


[2] If your salary was at or above the midpoint of the “old pay grade”, but fell below the midpoint of the “new pay grade”, then your salary will be increased to the midpoint of the “new pay grade”.  This will occur on the effective date (July 1, 2019).

Due to the current provincial government wage constraints, excluded management & professional staff (i.e., M&P staff who are not represented by AAPS) are not eligible for increases at this time.

Employees who were above the midpoint of the “old pay grade”, and who remain above the midpoint of the “new pay grade” are not eligible for a salary increase.

Sample Scenarios

Some sample scenarios of the implementation are described in this PDF document.

Q2: Will I receive notification from Human Resources (HR) regarding the salary increases?

A: HR will send individual memos to M&P staff whose salaries have been adjusted as a result of the implementation.  M&P staff whose salaries were not impacted will not receive a memo from HR.

Q3: If I am eligible for a salary increase effective July 1, 2019, when will I see this reflected in my pay statement?

A: Human Resources and Payroll are working on processing the increases, and are aiming to have changes implemented on the March 15, 2020 pay cheque. If this planned timeline is modified, we will communicate the change to the campus community.

Q4: How would I know what my job family is or what my classification is?

A: Your job family and level are indicated in the offer letter you received when you started your current position.  If you’re not sure, we encourage you to contact your Department Administrator. If you do not have an Administrator, you can email Human Resources at compensation@hr.ubc.ca or call the HR Service Centre at 604-822-8111.

Q5: How would I know if my job family is affected?

A: For your convenience, we have provided a summary of the job families affected by the settlement in this PDF document. Job families not affected by the settlement are:

  • Accounting
  • Athletics & Recreation
  • Conference, Accommodation, Ceremonies & Events
  • Counsellors & Psychologists
  • Editorial & Production Services
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Health Safety & Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Industry Liaison
  • Information Services
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Media Services
  • Nursing
  • Research and Facilitation
  • Security
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Student Management
  • Supply Management

Q6: What if I am an employee on salary continuance?

A: If you are on salary continuance at the date of implementation, and you are eligible for a salary increase, then you will receive retroactive pay, and will be paid at the new level until the end of your salary continuance.

Q7: What if I am no longer employed by UBC?

A: If you are not an employee of UBC at the implementation date, then you are not eligible.

Q8: What if I am in the Unassigned Job Family?

A: Employees in the Unassigned Job Family are not affected.

Q9: What if I moved to a new department or changed jobs in the last year?
A:  If both positions are M&P, then both positions will be considered for any potential increases and retroactive pay back to July 1, 2019, the effective date, in accordance with the implementation rules. If you have moved from an M&P position to another employee group (without a break in service), only your M&P position will be considered for any increases and you will receive retroactive pay, if applicable

Q10: What happens if I am below my current midpoint, and remain below the midpoint of the new salary grade?

A: You will not receive an increase on the March 15 pay cheque, in accordance with the implementation rules. However, in accordance with Letter of Agreement #1 between the University and AAPS on salary administration, you will be eligible for Career Progress Increments (i.e., Midpoint Progression Increases), subject to satisfactory performance.

Q11:  If I resigned from my M&P position in August 2019 and was re-hired to an M&P position in October, 2019, will I receive the July 1, 2019 retroactive payment?
A:  Since you terminated your employment with the University in August 2019, you will only be eligible for retroactive payment for your current employment; that is, from October 2019 onward.

Q12:  If I filed a reclassification request, how will this implementation affect the outcome of the reclassification request?

A:  The implementation of the results of the M&P compensation review will not impact the reclassification request process.  Depending on the outcome of the reclassification request and the retroactive date, you will be placed at the appropriate level within the new structure.