M&P Compensation Review


The University regularly conducts market reviews in order to evaluate the competitiveness of the University’s M&P compensation. In the fall of 2018, we commenced the current market review in order to benchmark our M&P compensation against external comparators.

As a result of the survey, some of UBC’s M&P staff members will receive a pay grade and/or salary increase. This compensation review has not resulted in a general wage increase (GWI) for all M&P staff. Only the job family levels that have fallen most behind the relevant comparator market as identified by the compensation survey have been targeted.

Even if a job family level is reclassified to a different pay grade, this does not mean that every employee within that job family level will receive a salary increase. Increases are determined based on the staff member’s salary within the pay grade relative to the minimum and the midpoint.


If you are an M&P staff member with a question about how the implementation of the M&P Compensation Review affects you, please note the following:

  • The Human Resources and Payroll departments are currently in the process of programming and implementing the changes. Information about your individual eligibility is not yet available.
  • We anticipate that applicable salary increases will appear on staff members’ March 15, 2020 pay cheques.  If there are any changes to this timeline, we will communicate the new dates to the campus community.
  • M&P staff members who are receiving a salary increase will receive a letter by the end of February outlining the change.
  • Questions about how individual staff members are affected may be directed to compensation@hr.ubc.ca.