Job Reclassification Process: International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 115

Reclassifying a Job

This information is applicable to the IUOE 115 employees.  Reclassification information for M&P, CUPE 116, Non-Union Technicians, Executive Administrative Staff, and Farm Workers and for CUPE 2950 employees is also available.  If an employee contends that the classification of his / her job is no longer appropriately classified, he /she may follow up with Union.

Reclassification Requests

1) The Manager / Union may submit a formal request for review to Human Resources. A minimum of twelve (12) months must elapse between each review request.

2) The request is forwarded to the Total Compensation unit, who will send the review package to the Manager (or designate) and the Union for completion.

3) The designated forms, accompanied by an updated job description is to be returned to the designated Compensation professional for review.

  • The review process may include a Compensation professional conducting an audit of the position, interviewing the Manager (or designate) and / or the Union Steward.
  • The Manager (or designate) and the Union shall be notified of the outcome of the review request by letter (including rationale).

Job Evaluation Forms

Forms relating to job evaluation:

For further information regarding job reclassification, please contact Compensation, or contact your union: