Job Reclassification & Re-Evaluation

Reviewing & Rating Jobs at UBC

How a job is classified depends on many things – the complexity / accountability / scope of the duties, decision making, supervision received / given, physical / sensory effort, or level of education / knowledge required. Compensation professionals review and rate jobs based on either a point factor system (BCGEU Okanagan) or a benchmark / classification system (CUPE 2950, CUPE 116, IUOE 115, Management & Professional, Non-Union Technicians, Executive Administrative Staff, and Farm Workers).

A job can be reclassified if the duties or responsibilities of an employee have significantly changed or expanded over time, and the expanded duties have remained in place for at least six months and are on going.

The employee in the job, the Department Head or the union / association (if applicable) may request that the position be reviewed.

Step-by-Step Job Reclassification Process

For more information, see Job Evaluation at UBC.