Job Evaluation / Classification

Job evaluation refers to a systematic ranking of jobs, in relation to other jobs in an organization.

Evaluations or classifications can be done when a position is vacant and the hiring manager wants to ensure they are recruiting for the correct level, based on the expected duties, or they can be done when the duties of the job have changed substantially since the incumbent was hired (known as a reclassification or re-evaluation).

Since the implementation of eRecruit in March 2009, department have been given the flexibility of classifying new and vacant positions (non-M&P) and posting them for recruitment without requiring Compensation to classify them. Compensation would randomly audit positions to check for equity and consistency in order to ensure positions are classified appropriately. If you have questions regarding the appropriate classification of a position, please contact your Compensation professional responsible for your department.

Job Evaluation Systems

There are many different systems for evaluating jobs, and UBC uses two of these systems, depending on employee groups – a classification system, and a point factor system.

With either system in use at UBC, job evaluation uses:

  • job description
  • job standards or Occupational Guidelines
  • job families

The result is an ordering of jobs in levels of relative “worth”. Attaching salaries to these levels is the next step. This process is used for identifying requirements for new hires and determining salary bands for all jobs at UBC.

Job Evaluation Process

The process for evaluating jobs at UBC varies, according to employee group:

Job Reclassification / Re-evaluation – When Jobs Evolve

In cases where there has been substantial change in a job’s duties and responsibilities, managers and staff members may also request a job be re-evaluated, or reclassified.

(Re-evaluation and reclassification are two words for the same process – it is known as re-evaluation for CUPE 2950, and reclassification for the other employment groups at UBC.)

A job can be reclassified / re-evaluated if the duties or responsibilities of an employee have significantly changed or expanded over time, and the expanded duties have remained in place for at least six months. In these cases, the same review criteria are used as with new positions. Based on the rating system, the employee may be moved to a higher pay band, and may receive retroactive pay.

The employee in the job, the Department Head or the union can request that a position be reviewed.