2011 M&P Compensation Review


In Fall 2011, UBC engaged Mercer, an international human resources consulting firm, to conduct a compensation market review for Management and Professional (M&P) jobs at UBC.

As a result of the survey, some of UBC’s M&P Staff received a salary increase.  The first phase of the salary adjustment was implemented in Spring 2013, with the three remaining phases occurring in 2014.  This compensation review did not resulted in a general wage increase (GWI) for all M&P staff.  Only the job family levels that had fallen most behind the relevant comparator market as identified by the compensation survey were targeted.

Even if a job family level was reclassified to a different pay grade, this does not mean that every employee within that job family level will receive a salary increase.  Such an increase depends on where a staff member’s salary lies on the pay grade.


If you have questions about the 2011 M&P Compensation Review, please email compensation@hr.ubc.ca and someone will respond to your inquiry.