Bargaining Bulletin #36

Oct. 10, 2017

To: Executive, deans and other senior academic leaders, academic heads, directors and managers, senior professional leaders
From: Lisa Castle, Vice President, Human Resources
Cc: Human Resources
Re: Bargaining Bulletin #36 – Wrap up of bargaining 2014-2019: Thank you

On October 3, the Board of Governors ratified the collective agreement between the university and IUOE 882. This was the last agreement to be resolved at UBC, and the last one in the province of British Columbia.

Bargaining began in 2014, and it has been an eventful journey. It is appropriate for us to pause and reflect upon the past four years. Notwithstanding the difficulties and the elapse of time, we have achieved nine agreed-upon settlements across UBC; salary increases provided in each year since 2015; the Economic Stability Dividend for staff; changes that contribute to better work environment for staff and faculty; and provincial government financial support for the general increases and the dividend. Equally as important, we have contributed to the stability and positive outlook for the future.

This reflection brings one thing into sharp focus: the support and interest all of us (unions, associations and UBC) have received from the university community for our mutual efforts to conclude new agreements. This support ranged from significant commitments of time and effort such as serving on bargaining teams, to reading communications that provide updates on where we are in these processes, and everything in between. We thank you for your support and interest. It will be at least a year before it comes into focus again for 2019.

An overview of collective bargaining (including information on the bargaining units) is available at