Bargaining Bulletin #3

May 26, 2014

To: Heads Up – Vancouver and Okanagan
Lisa Castle, VP, Human Resources
Cc: Human Resources
Re: Bargaining Bulletin #3 – Collective Bargaining Update

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with an update on developments in collective bargaining at UBC. An overview of collective bargaining (including information on the bargaining units) is available at

We commenced 2014 bargaining in early April by exchanging proposals with the Faculty Association. The parties committed to a number of bargaining dates in May, with several sessions having taken place and four days scheduled this week. The tone of bargaining is cordial, and both bargaining teams are fully engaged with the process.

All proposals that are non-monetary in nature have been tabled and discussed, and many proposals with a cost associated with them have been tabled as well. It is hoped that both parties will be in a position to table their proposals for all cost items (including general salary increases) during the four days this week. The goal remains of completing the process in June with either a tentative agreement, or resolution by proceeding to binding arbitration. That is the resolution mechanism provided for in the Collective Agreement. As the process unfolds with the Faculty Association this week, we will provide more information.

Staff bargaining is expected to get under way on June 11 with AAPS. Five other dates have been scheduled in June and July.

Bargaining with the BCGEU at the Okanagan campus will commence in June. CUPE 2950 has advised us that they will not be ready to begin bargaining until September.

We will keep you apprised as dates are confirmed over the course of the summer. At this time, UBC’s staff bargaining plan is in the review and approval process by the Provincial Government.

You may recall that pursuant to the Government’s bargaining mandates (2014’s is the Economic Stability Mandate), public sector employers are required to submit bargaining plans consistent with the mandate. The Provincial Government has approved the bargaining plan for the Faculty Association. It is also a condition of the University’s budget letter from the Provincial Government that we comply with the bargaining mandate. It is important to note that the Provincial Government will fund general salary increases that are consistent only with its mandate.

Thank you for your interest. We will be providing information as developments occur.

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