Client Testimonials

An independent evaluator collected over 200 pages of transcripts from interviews with UBC participants in the Coaching Pilot Project.  The following is a brief sampling of direct quotes from these participants and their experience working with a Coach:

“…it was a chance for me to sort of bounce ideas off… how I was feeling and how it relates back to my ultimate goal or career…”

“I want to begin to build a foundation for conflict resolution… as a shop steward on campus, coaching as a technique fits into my vision.”

“The coaching pilot was something that I didn’t realize I qualified for because I’m a support staff person.  So it was quite nice to know that I could apply and that I have the backing of the organization.”

“It basically gave me some…new insights, new ideas, new approaches to use in a small office.”

“I would get really stressed and I think I deal with it better now.”

“I’ve got my confidence back up again, and I’ve got my focus back, and I think that translates to more productive.”

“…you can actually go to somebody who can be objective, yet informed and skilled…”

“I was able to come to some new revelation or new understanding of something that needed to be dealt with…”

“I think it goes a lot deeper than most professional development…”

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