Learning at UBC

Do you see work as a place to sit still, or a place to constantly learn? Is your career about staying the same, or finding ways to grow? There’s a reason why UBC employees say it’s fascinating to work here: this is a place where learning never stops!

Attend a lecture on lunch break. Visit a museum after work. Drop by the second-largest research library in Canada. Work one-on-one with a certified coach, or take an academic or continuing studies course. UBC has some of the top thinkers and researchers in Canada and the world, and as part of one of Canada’s premier universities, endless opportunities to expand your learning horizons are at your fingertips.

Academic Courses

Learn about the academic courses offered at UBC, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


UBC Extended Learning

UBC Extended Learning has in-person and online courses on a wide range of subjects, specifically designed for adult learners. The Extended Learning catalog is available online, and offers courses at Point Grey, Robson Square, and online. Employees who are eligible for tuition waivers can use those waivers on most Extended Learning courses.


Learning & Development

The kinds of learning available at UBC run the full gamut from academic programs, through to workshops available across the various campus providers, to individual coaching. We invite you to explore and find the resources best suited to your learning needs.



With your UBC Library card, you can access the entire online catalog and journals, international newspaper subscriptions both print in-branch and online, as well as community borrowing on popular reading titles in many branches.


Flexible Learning

The Flexible Learning Initiative is focused on developing, delivering, and evaluating learning experiences that improve the learning experience, for students, staff and faculty alike.



Check out the UBC Events listing, to see what's happening on your campus.


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