Business & Administration

People in these roles enjoy taking their business skills and applying them within an academic context. Among other things, they foster meaningful relationships, bring in funding, ensure resources are wisely allocated, hire the best, and look after the institution’s reputation. They make and implement decisions, and help people connect and navigate process and policy.

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Research & Innovation

As a one of the world’s leading universities, UBC continually fosters new ideas and research that contribute to creating a better world. Lead, conduct, or support diverse research projects and experiments to challenge or confirm existing conclusions and opinions. These roles are for those energized by the pursuit of discovery.

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Community, Life & Wellbeing

Some people’s work focuses on ideas and others on physical things. Regardless of focus, wellbeing helps people to be their best. As weighty projects and challenging questions stare people in the face, these roles help support the things that will sustain and propel them forward: healthy meals, physical activity, social opportunities, and a good night’s sleep.

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Facilities & Planning

While learning and research are UBC’s core focus, none of this work would be possible without the physical spaces in which it happens. People in these roles build UBC campuses—the classrooms, the labs, the offices, the amenities, and the walkways in between. They shape people’s daily experiences in a tangible way.

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Students are at the heart of UBC. They are bright, motivated, and energetic. Helping students to grow requires learning support, listening, a caring environment, and providing opportunities for fun. These roles play a key part in the development of a future generation of leaders.

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Information Technology

UBC depends on information in every shape and form—creating, consuming, and sharing it. As researchers pore over massive databases and students arrive on campus doing everything on a smartphone or tablet, these roles ensure people can learn, work, and connect seamlessly.

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