The Career Navigation Service offers extensive support to staff who wish to enhance their professional experience by exploring and using the many opportunities for growth within UBC. Much as a lighthouse guides a ship, Pooja guides staff in navigating their careers by:

  1. Assisting in charting individual strengths, challenges, interests and aspirations;
  2. Setting goals and mapping routes while identifying the individual’s unique career path;
  3. Sharing appropriate resources and tools available at the university, to set sail; and
  4. Offering support to review progress to ensure smooth sailing!

The Career Transition Service is offered as intensive support to Management & Professional and Non-Union Technician staff who find their careers in transition when their employment at UBC has ended. Pooja supports the employee through the period of severance, working one-on-one in supporting:

  1. The transition experience by enabling forward movement;
  2. Self-assessment of their present knowledge, skills and aptitudes;
  3. The design of a uniquely tailored job search strategy;
  4. Professional networking skills within UBC and beyond; and
  5. Job applications.

Pooja serves as a catalyst to staff with respect to their careers, offering them support and stimulus. She sets a transformational platform from which UBC staff can take charge of their careers with confidence.

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To contact the Career Navigation & Transition Consultant, email and include your UBC employee group as well as your questions.

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