Staying Motivated as You Plan Your Career

When planning your career or looking for that perfect job, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Having the right resources can support you to move forward and attain your goals. A list of resources is provided on the Navigate your career @ UBC website.

Tips to keep you motivated

Set aside a specific period of time to work on your career planning process. This will encourage a positive attitude and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

Apply for positions you really want, not jobs you think you can do. Trust your instincts as you read the job advertisement. If you feel excitement building within you, this is probably a good job to apply for. Be realistic as you match your skills and experience to the job description. Focus on what you want – not what you don’t like.

Have an outstanding resume. Knowing you have a great resume can really motivate you. Ensure it is well written, well formatted, free of errors and proof read (have a few people check it out).

Use your network. We all know people or know people who know people. Go to the department web site find out who works there and what is happening within that department. Find out as much as you can before submitting your application. This is great preparation to support your application or for an interview

Keep records of all positions you have applied for. This will assist you to stay organized and have reference points for potential interviews or follow ups with employers.

Eliminate stress. Job hunting can be a very stressful endeavour, so try to eliminate as much stress as possible by taking regular exercise, getting enough sleep and eating well. Get out of town for a weekend or take a walk in the park. Whatever works for you to relieve stress.

Don’t take rejection personally. Recruiters and employers have very specific ideas about who is their perfect candidate. It might be something very small that prevents you from being short-listed or interviewed as a potential candidate for a job. See this as an opportunity to review your application or ask for feedback as to why your application was successful. This will allow you to modify future job applications or provide an opportunity to speak to the recruiter or HR advisor and pick up some tip and tricks on how to make your applications stronger.

Celebrate your successes. If you get a call back, are short listed, or get an interview, celebrate your progress. You may or may not get the job but your application got the attention of the hiring agent and sparked their interest. Way to go!

Visualize yourself in your new job. ¬†They say “attention creates reality” – if you can see it you can attain it. A great motivator is to take a few minutes each day to visualize your new job. Try it and see if it works for you.

Ultimately, it is up to you to stay motivated. Maintaining a positive attitude, being realistic, setting your goals and having the right resources at hand will support you moving forward.