One-on-One Transition

Career Transition Service is intensive support to Management & Professional staff, and Non-Union Technicians whose  roles at UBC are ending and are on a notice. They are invited to engage throughout the period of their notice, in an intensive coaching partnership with Pooja.

Leaders who would like to know more about how their team member is being supported and how they could facilitate the engagement are welcome to connect!


One-on-One Navigation

Career Navigation Service is extensive support to staff who wish to enhance their career wellbeing while at the university. The comprehensive coaching engagement is of 6 sessions, 30-minutes each for a maximum period of 6 months.


Group/Team Coaching

  • Career wellbeing series – A series of 3 lunch-n-learns over 3 months to support staff in a group setting, enabling them to build connections and co-learn.
  • Studios – Interactive discussion with a team within a unit, to explore different and successful ways of career well-being.
  • Studios with managers – to discuss ways to engage and enable their teams by supporting them to lead their career success and wellbeing.

Ready to begin? Contact the Career Navigation & Transition Consultant


My role as the Career Transition Consultant began in the fall of 2012 to assist M&P staff and Non-Union Technicians secure new employment while on notice. Together with the success of this service and in response to a key finding of the 2011 Workplace Experience Survey, my role was expanded as the Career Navigation & Transition Consultant (the title speaks to the career continuum, from exploring passion-based options to a need-based job search).

My qualifications: I have a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. I am a Master Certified Coach, and am also certified as a Mentor Coach by the International Coach Federation.

To know more about me as a colleague: