Practicing Tuum Est (it is yours, it is up to you) for career success at UBC

Over the past 100 years, UBC’s motto, ‘Tuum Est’ has informed student teaching, learning and their overall experience thus making UBC one of the top ranking universities in the world. Today, we embrace it as a philosophy to support employees’ career success at UBC. The potential to engage with one’s own career aspirations – ‘it is up to you’ and the organization’s vision – ‘the university is yours’ empowers employees to successfully navigate their careers at UBC, making this an outstanding work environment.

Guiding Principles

​Values that inform this philosophy are those identified in Place & Promise and more specifically are:

  1. Acknowledging one’s whole-self at work: Understanding one’s personal values and passions, and discovering ways to continuously integrate who they are into their work.
  2. Engaging with the workplace: Discovering shared values and vision; developing authentic, meaningful connections by engaging with:
    1. The place – the organizational vision, various departments of interest including the current department’s goals.
    2. Its people – the immediate colleagues and leaders, colleagues across work units, communities of common interests and practices.
    3. Resources & Opportunities – learning and professional development opportunities to invigorate the mind, body and spirit.
  3. Ongoing self-commitment ​and responsibility: Career navigation is not a program for just a singular job search activity:
    1. It is a commitment to continuously practice the philosophy as one embraces the changes within their career.
    2. It is a responsibility to make UBC an outstanding workplace by furthering the university’s commitments and goals.