How Does It Work?

The creation of your personalized career development development plan will follow a 4-step process. Each step looks at a different phase of the career navigation process. You will be asked a series of reflective questions that will help you complete the career development plan that can be found at the bottom of this page.

Career Development Plan Steps

  • Step 1 – Where Am I Now? (what skills do you already possess?)
  • Step 2 – Where do I Want to Go? (what do you want for your career?)
  • Step 3 – How Might I Get There? (what steps do you need to take to get there?)
  • Step 4 – Who Can Help? (what resources might I use?)

At this stage we invite you to print the Career Development plan and start completing it using the processes and information that follows in steps 1,2,3 & 4.

Download the Career Development Plan Template (DOCX)

Once you have downloaded the Career Development Plan template, proceed to Step 1: Where Am I Now?.