Career Navigation & Transition

Career Navigation and Transition is a service for all staff at UBC, both, as individuals and as leaders who are desirous of supporting their team member/s for a career of wellbeing and success.

Navigation: This service is for staff and leaders who wish to support their team towards a career of wellbeing and success. The focus is to look at one’s career (beyond the specific role) and create pathways that would be most fulfilling, while utilizing the vast opportunities and resources available at the university.

Transition: This service is for staff on notice. The focus is to support them during this period to successfully land a role at the university or beyond, while paying attention to their career goals.

The analogy of a climbing wall effectively conceptualizes this service:

  • The wall is an invitation to move away from looking at the organization as a hierarchical, ladder structure. In doing so, what possibilities open up?
  • The rope which enables the climb, is a metaphor for one’s own career story. What professional experiences, strengths, interests and qualifications have shaped your career that will take you forward?
  • The colours on the rocks offer similar career journeys with an invitation to create your own. What’s your path going to be?
  • Some rocks are small and some are big. How does that shift the focus from the specific role to how it aligns with one’s career wellbeing and success?
  • When the grip is lost there continues to be safety equipment to enable a successful transition. What is it and how will the partnership enable success?


The goals to be achieved, both individually and organizationally, are:

  • To maximize employee motivation and engagement by enabling clarity on pathways to career fulfillment.
  • To promote ongoing career conversations amongst leaders and their teams to discover possibilities for both to thrive.
  • To empower employees whose current positions might be ending to experience transition as a comma in their career journey and not a period.
  • To enhance career wellbeing by motivating employees to go beyond ‘what’ their role holds for them and deeper into ‘why’ they are in it.

To know more about the service, success factors and impact, please read on!