Focus on People

Refreshed: UBC’s Focus on People Website

Refreshed: UBC’s Focus on People Website

Kudos to Breeonne Baxter, our HR Web Communications Specialist and Adrian Liem from Public Affairs for successfully relaunching the Focus on People website today, using the new UBC web brand guidelines.

A few things to note:

> The website is a good example of integrating the UBC brand guidelines, without sacrificing visual aesthetics. Although the colours are more muted in this rendition, your eye is drawn more naturally to the rotating feature stories and the pictorials.  Having rotating features conveys a sense of motion, that there’s new stories being developed and posted more frequently than when we had static images.

> The navigation structure has moved slightly away from listing each individual strategy under Focus on People and more into illustrating the outcomes of the program initiatives and programs. This is a content model we’d like to continue to explore in all HR web properties – the “show and tell” of our successes.

> Our UBC HR Twitter feed is prominently displayed on the home page. We continue to promote our social media tools as a means to bridge communications from UBC HR directly to our internal and external audiences.

> In another two weeks, we’ll be launching the online version of the 2009 Focus on People Annual Report, with six feature articles that highlight the past year and an invitation to the UBC community to share, comment and provide feedback.

My thanks to Breeonne and Adrian for finagling through the technical jungle to make this happen expediently, and I look forward to sharing the online Annual Report with all in the weeks ahead.