2 responses to “UBC Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces”

  1. Kate

    Good for you for providing breastfeeding-friendly places for mothers! So few places have established actual lactation rooms, either in an educational or professional setting, that I had created a page to help moms set up one anywhere (http://www.breastfeeding-bff.com/lactation-room.html), but I am very impressed that you have already provided a location for them – I’m certain you have many appreciative mothers applauding you today (myself included).

    Thank you for helping support mothers who have returned to school or the workplace so that they may continue to breastfeed their children!

  2. Suzanne Jolly

    Thanks Kate! We’re working hard to get more spaces on campus. I’m very pleased to work for a place that thinks about issues like this. Thanks for highlighting your website as well- there’s some great resources on there.