From time to time, circumstances may arise that will require you to take a leave of absence. During your temporary leave, your UBC benefits may be affected. It’s important to know the UBC employee group to which you belong as this determines:

  • The type of leave for which you are eligible,
  • How long a leave you can take,
  • What supplemental benefits you may qualify for, and
  • Whether you are entitled to a paid or unpaid leave.

Types of Leaves at UBC

The following list provides only an overview of the various types of leaves that may be available to UBC staff and faculty:

  • Sick leave (includes medical/dental appointments)
  • Pre-placement adoption leave
  • Maternity, parental and adoptive leaves
  • Bereavement, mourner’s, compassionate or compassionate care leave
  • Jury duty or court witness leave
  • Leave for professional development
  • Study leave, sabbatical or UBC-requested educational leave
  • Leave to take political office
  • Citizenship leave
  • Military leave
  • Leave for union business
  • Negotiations and grievance provisions
  • Full-time union or public duties
  • Leave to attend University committees meetings
  • General leave requests
  • Administrative leave
  • Deferred salary leave
  • Exchange leave
  • Christmas leave/floater

To learn which specific leave entitlements you are eligible for, select your UBC employee group below, where you will also find information on how to apply for temporary leave and what will happen to your UBC benefits coverage while on leave.


For information on your vacation entitlement at UBC, please visit our Vacation section.

For information about your UBC benefits coverage while you are on vacation, visit our Vacation section or our comprehensive Travel section on the UBC Benefits website.

Leaving UBC

If you are leaving UBC to pursue a new opportunity or begin your retirement, visit our Leaving UBC section to find out what happens to your UBC benefits.

Need Help?

If you have questions about your UBC benefits and how they will be affected when you are on temporary leave, please contact UBC Benefits.

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