Dependent Children

Health Coverage for Post-Secondary Students Studying outside of BC

Updated March 20, 2018

Whether your child is attending university in Ottawa or Oxford, they are covered by your UBC health benefits plan. Here’s what you need to know.

Coverage outside BC or Canada

If you have a dependent child between the ages of 19 and 25 who is studying outside of BC or Canada, they may continue to be covered under your UBC Medical Services Plan (MSP), Extended Health and Dental plans and Employee and Family Assistance Program.

While your dependent child is studying outside BC, it’s important that they remain enrolled in MSP. Your dependent child must maintain their MSP coverage while temporarily outside BC and they should contact Health Insurance BC prior to their departure from BC.

If your dependent is enrolled in MSP through UBC, you can verify their coverage by viewing your benefit enrolments in the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal. 

Physician visits and hospital services that are normally covered by MSP in BC will only be covered outside of BC or Canada in the event of an emergency. Reimbursement for emergency physician visits and hospital services is 100%, up to the overall lifetime UBC Extended Health maximum of $2 million per person.

Sun Life’s travel benefits provider, Allianz Global Assistance, will co-ordinate claims with MSP. This means that you only need to submit one claim form to Sun Life. 

Your dependent child will receive coverage for services and supplies that are normally covered under the UBC Extended Health and Dental plans with Sun Life while they are studying outside of BC or Canada, subject to the terms and conditions of the plan.

The only exception is that the services of paramedical practitioners are not covered outside North America.

Services and supplies will be reimbursed at the reasonable and customary rates for the same services and supplies in British Columbia.

There is no need to notify Sun Life of your dependent child’s temporary absence from BC.


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