Telehealth: Virtual care covered by MSP


Physicians in British Columbia are now able to provide care to patients over a secure video call via computer, tablet or smartphone.

The benefits of virtual care include:

  • seeing your own doctor from the comfort and safety of your own home
  • reducing the risk of virus transmission
  • increased accessibility for those with disabilities and mobility challenges.

You are encouraged to contact your family physician, who knows your medical history, for routine appointments or advice for acute or chronic conditions that require treatment or medication. If needed, your physician will provide in-person care or refer you to a specialist. Call your doctor’s office just as you normally would and the office staff will book the appointment and guide you in preparing for the telephone call or video conference.

For those who don’t have a family physician, you can seek virtual care via and book an appointment online with a walk-in clinic doctor. The wait times to speak to a doctor are indicated under the ‘Connect me with a Doctor Now’ button. These doctors can provide general health advice and address needs such as prescription refills and concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Access Virtual is another virtual care option available to BC residents. For more information see:

Like any visit with the doctor, these virtual appointment options listed above are covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC. That means, if you are enrolled in MSP, there is no additional cost for the virtual service.

For more information regarding virtual care, visit Doctors of BC website.