Benefits Spotlight: Therapist-assisted Digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


We all need extra support during difficult times. A therapist-assisted digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), an evidence-based and effective form of psychotherapy for individuals experiencing mental health concerns, is covered by your UBC’s Extended Health Benefits (EHB).

The therapy provided through CBT is:

  • structured
  • time-limited (usually 6-20 sessions)
  • problem-focused and goal-oriented
  • designed to teach strategies to build resilience and coping skills
  • based on a proactive, shared therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.

Benefits Coverage

Sun Life, UBC’s EHB provider, has partnered with BEACON to provide a therapist-assisted digital CBT to plan members at a preferred rate. This and other digital therapies are eligible for reimbursement under UBC’s extended health benefits plan if the provider has the appropriate credentials/qualification. You and your covered dependents can receive reimbursement for 100% of the reasonable and customary charges  for eligible practitioners up to $2,500 per year under the psychological services provision. Visit Extended Health Benefits – UBC Human Resources for coverage details.

To claim reimbursement for digital CBT or digital therapy, please ensure that it is therapist-assisted and your receipt includes:

  • date(s) of service
  • name of patient
  • name of practitioner
  • credentials/qualifications of provider and professional affiliations with any regulatory body or society

Other Digital Therapy Supports

A free digital program, Stronger Minds, offered by BEACON is available to all Canadians to support their mental well-being. It includes resources from a team of clinical psychologists.

Do you have questions? Contact the Health, Wellbeing & Benefits team at