2017 Tax Info: Medical Expense Claims & T4/T4A Receipts

How to Claim Medical Expenses on Your Tax Return

If you or your eligible dependents have any Extended Health and/or Dental Care claims from the 2017 calendar year that were not reimbursed by Sun Life or other benefits plans, you may be eligible to claim these expenses on your income tax return depending on your net income (or your dependents).

Generally speaking, you can claim unreimbursed medical expenses on your tax return if:

  • you (or your spouse) have unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed the lesser of 3% of your net income or $2,268;
  • your eligible dependents have unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed the lesser of 3% of their net income or $2,268.

For more information on the types of medical expenses for which you can claim and how to do this, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Any Medical Services Plan premiums you pay cannot be claimed on your tax return.

Questions about claiming medical expenses should be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency or your financial advisor.

2017 Tax Receipts Now Available

Faculty, staff and student employees can download their 2017 T4 and T4A statements for their tax returns via the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal.

How to download your statement:

  1. Log in to the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal at www.msp.ubc.ca, using your Campus-Wide Login (CWL). If you are off-campus, you will need to connect using VPN.
  2.  Click on HRMS Self-Service.
  3.  In the My Pay column of the screen, select Year End Slips to access your statement for the current and previous years. If you have not previously accessed your slip(s) online, you will be required to acknowledge a consent agreement.

Note: Faculty and staff who choose not to accept the agreement will receive their T4/T4A statements in late February, consistent with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information on your taxes or obtaining your tax slips, please visit https://finance.ubc.ca/payroll/your-taxes.

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