Optional Life Premium Rates Changing in 2018

With the support of our Benefits Consultant, the UBC Optional Life (Employee and Spouse) Plan is reviewed each year. Based on an increase in claims for the past two years, the Optional Life rates will increase by 5% for the upcoming 2018 year. The new rates are posted here: http://www.hr.ubc.ca/wellbeing-benefits/files/Opt_Rates.pdf.

The Optional AD&D rates remain unchanged for 2018.

Those who are enrolled in UBC Optional Life (Employee and/or Spouse) received a personalized email about the rate change on Dec. 1st.

What’s my current Optional Life coverage?

You can view your current coverage online by logging into the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service website with your CWL login and clicking on ‘Benefits Summary’. (Note: You will need VPN if you are accessing Self-Service from off-campus.)

I want to reduce or cancel my coverage. How do I do this?

Complete the change form to reduce or cancel your current coverage and submit the form to UBC Payroll for processing.

I want to increase my current coverage or I am applying for Optional Life for the first time. What do I do?

The Optional Life (Employee and Spouse) maximum is $750,000 per individual. If you and/or your spouse are below the maximum and would like to increase your coverage or apply for the first time, please complete an application form and submit the original form to UBC Payroll for processing.

All applications are subject to proof of good health. Once you submit your application to UBC Payroll, you will be emailed a Sun Life Health Statement. Submit the completed statement to Sun Life for review; if approved, you will be advised in writing and your premiums will be paid through payroll deduction.

Where do I send my forms?

Submit your original form to UBC Payroll for processing, either by mail or in-person:

Vancouver Campuses
Attention: Payroll
UBC Financial Operations
5th Floor – TEF 3
6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Okanagan Campus
Attention: Payroll
UBC Finance Operations and Strategies
ADM 006 – 1138 Alumni Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7