6 responses to “UBC Corporate Membership with Kids & Company – Another Child Care Option Available to You”

  1. Evangeline Jonasson

    Do you have a Burnaby location?
    Hear from you soon,

  2. Stephanie Mah

    Hi Evangeline,

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Kids & Company currently has a location in Burnaby. For other locations in the lower mainland and upcoming ones, please visit: https://ca.kidsandcompany.com/locationlist.php?a=5&cmd=resetall.


  3. Raina

    It would be great to see UBC partner with a child care provider that serves both of the city’s its campuses are in! There is no Kids & Company location in Kelowna.

  4. Cristina

    My child belongs to K&C. They provide good service and my kids have been happy, however, the emergency child care package that they provide does not guarantee any specific location, basically they will guarantee a spot for that particular day in any of their locations (Surrey, Richmond, etc) so if you live in downtown, you will have to drop off your child on those locations if that’s the only availability, the one closes to UBC is always full.

  5. Polina

    Hi are you planning on opening a location in Burnaby in the nearest future?

    1. Breeonne Baxter

      Hi Polina. It looks like Kids & Co is planning on opening a facility in Burnaby (https://ca.kidsandcompany.com/locationlist.php?a=5&cmd=resetall); you can contact them for more details (https://ca.kidsandcompany.com/content.php?a=28).

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