2 responses to “Are You Heart Healthy? Say Yes with CAMMPUS!”

  1. Carmen Oprea

    I would like to enroll. However, I cannot make the Wed. Sep 3; is that a problem?

    1. Stephanie Mah

      Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for your interest. You don’t need to attend the Sept. 30th session in order to participate. Please read the Participation Consent Form in the “I’m interested in participating. How do I sign up?” section above and contact the Pharmacists Clinic to book your initial cardiovascular risk assessment.

      ■Phone 604-827-2584
      ■Fax 604-827-2579
      ■Secure e-mail https://medinetmail.ca/cgi-bin/pharmclinic/pc_signup.cgi?appttype=CU


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