Making an Informed Hiring Decision

While testing is not required for all positions, it does allow job applicants to demonstrate their experience and qualifications in relation to the job you are recruiting for. In many circumstances, it can be an invaluable tool in helping you to compare candidates and make an informed hiring decision.

Office Skills Aptitude Testing

Office Skills Aptitude Testing is available for short-listed internal and external applicants, testing spelling, checking (proofreading), grammar, math, and vocabulary skills. You can arrange Office Skills Aptitude Testing through Staff Finders. Testing can be arranged at any time at a nominal fee. Test results will be provided to you and can be discussed with your HR Associate.

Staff Finders can also assist with other forms of testing, including assessing specific software skills. In addition, Staff Finders offers some applicant testing services on-line.

In-Basket Testing

In-Basket tests are developed by departments to evaluate the specific skills and qualifications required of a particular position. In-basket tests are commonly used for clerical / secretarial / administrative positions.

Tests should be designed to simulate, as much as possible, the actual tasks required of the position; however, be cautious not to involve components that require departmental specific knowledge.

If you would like assistance with developing an in-basket test, please contact your HR Associate, or see our In-Basket Test Tip Sheet for more information.

Reviewed July 2014

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