Prioritizing Applications

As an Interviewer

You will receive an email to tell you that your resumes are available to view online. They can be accessed via the Faculty and Staff Self-Service web portal under the “myRecruitment” section. (Note: You will need to log in using your Campus Wide Login (CWL).)

It can be exciting – and intimidating – trying to find the best candidate from a pile of applications. Taking it step by step can make the task ahead much more manageable.

Depending on the position, you may have duty to accommodate, recall, placement, internal and external resumes to sort through. Please review applications as per the priority order indicated below. Duty to accommodate, recall and placement candidates must be interviewed. However, with internal and external candidates, you can shortlist and only interview selected candidates – those who are currently in the same level of job, and those who appear to meet the experience, qualifications and skills that you’re looking for.

As a Recruiter

You can review the resumes as they come in during your posting. However, you will not be able to take action with the applications until the posting has closed. The applications can be accessed via the Manage Applicants and Openings module.

For unionized positions, please ensure you or the interviewers review the applicants as per the priority order:

Priority 1 – Duty to accommodate (

Priority 2 – Recall / Placement candidates

Priority 3 – Internal applicants, Staff Finders Employees who have accumulated 900 hours

Priority 4 – Other UBC employees in other employment group, Hiring Solutions Employees who have completed a total of 66 days worked, and External applicants

For non-unionized positions, all applicants will have the same priority. While all applicants have the same priority, it is encouraged to consider current UBC employees.

Priority 99 – All applicants

Updated July 2014

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