Position Classification

Classifying Job Positions

To classify a position:

  1. The manager or department administrator drafts a copy of the job description. For assistance, contact your HR Advisor or Associate.
  2. Enter the position, using the job description, into the Position Management system.
  3. For M&P and Executive Administrative positions, the position will automatically be sent to Compensation for review (if you’ve indicated that the job will be posted) once you click a Submit button in the Position Management system. For all other positions, the manager or department administrator can classify the positions by following the benchmarking and job standards guidelines.
  4. If you would like Compensation to review a non-M&P position, click the ‘Submit for Optional Central Approval’ button.

The HR Compensation Analyst classifies the position, and informs the department of the outcome via email through eRecruit.

For more information, see Job Evaluation.

Updated July 2014

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