Recognition can make an important contribution to the engagement and retention of staff members at UBC.

The University of British Columbia values excellence, and has made a commitment to creating an exceptional work environment. Within the framework of Focus on People, the university strives to provide a stimulating, rewarding, and supportive work environment. A variety of programs and reward mechanisms are available to support managers in creating meaningful work environments for staff. By rewarding employees’ initiative, dedication, and productivity we can create a sense of belonging, purpose, and dedication.

The Philosophy behind Recognition and Rewards

UBC’s staff recognition programs and practices have the fundamental underlying intention of relaying appreciation for work-related approaches and/or outcomes. Recognition tells staff that their work is valued.

UBC’s recognition program has both centralized and distributed components. This promotes a common culture and consistent human resources practices, while acknowledging differences at the faculty/department level.

Consistent with the university’s overall culture of decentralization within a central guiding framework, there are some centralized programs available to assist faculties/departments and managers with staff recognition.

Some examples are:

The 25 Year Club recognizes staff members with continuous service of 25 years or more.

A number of achievement-based awards are available for staff, both across the university, and by campus:

  • The President’s Service Awards for Excellence are UBC-wide, and recognize staff members who have made exception contributions, sustained over at least 10 years.
  • There are five categories of President’s Staff Awards available to staff members at the Vancouver campus. The categories of this award are: Leadership, Emerging Leadership, Enhancing the UBC Experience, Creativity and Innovation, Community Engagement, Advancing Diversity and Inclusion, and Wellbeing.
  • Staff Awards of Excellence are available for staff members at UBC’s Okanagan campus

Other staff awards are available, specific to various categories of achievement, such as enhancing the student experience

Good Practices & Principles for Recognition in Your Unit

Acknowledgment, Appreciation, and Thanks

Acknowledgment, appreciation, and saying “thank you” can serve as recognition for exceptional work-related contributions. This sort of recognition can be for an individual employee, or for groups of staff. It can be for a single act, such as contribution to a project that went beyond the call of duty.

Recognition can also be given for projects and exceptional circumstances, such as taking on an increased work load to allow a colleague the opportunity to focus on a special project.

The key commonality in that recognition is an acknowledgment for, and appreciation of, exceptional work-related contributions.

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