Terminations and Lay-offs

At times, changes in the organization result in staff members being laid off.  If you are in that situation, the first step is to call your HR Advisor.  The steps for laying off staff differ with each employment group, and your HR Advisor will be able to guide you through the process.

Some of the things your HR Advisor will ask of you:

  • Identify the employee(s) to be laid off.
  • Identify the cause of the lay off, i.e., a service reduction, a reorganization of work, or a technological change that will make the position unnecessary or redundant.
  • Consider why the lay off is necessary, and prepare a list of business reasons justifying the lay offs.
  • A revised organizational chart.

You should also identify which union, if any, represents the affected employee(s), and consult the relevant collective agreement. The agreements will provide you with information on required notice periods and specific procedures. For example, the notice you are required to give to some employee groups varies according to length of service, and some unions require prior written notice of lay offs of their members.

CUPE 116 – Article 11 – Layoff and Recall Procedure
CUPE 2950 – Article 34 – Employment Security and Article 19 – Technological, Automation & Other Changes

If you are planning to lay off members of other employee groups, and for other terminations, please consult your HR Advisor.

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