Calculating Statutory Holiday Pay

Statutory holidays in Canada consist of a variety of cultural, national and religious holidays that are legislated at the federal or provincial/territorial level. At UBC, there are 12 statutory holidays observed.

Calculating the pay for Statutory Holidays (also referred to as Paid Holidays in some employment groups) can be straight-forward for most UBC employees; however, there may be circumstances where more detailed calculations apply, particularly when an employee works part time.

We have put together a guide for administrators to assist you in calculating Statutory Holiday pay for UBC’s different employment groups. This is only a guide and the starting place for any statutory holiday pay inquiry is always be the relevant Collective Agreement, Agreement or Employee Handbook.

Vancouver campus: If you have questions about calculating an individual’s stat holiday pay that are not answered by this guide, please contact your HR Associate.

Okanagan campus: If you have questions regarding stat holiday pay calculations for staff who are represented by BCGEU Okanagan, please contact your HR-Okanagan Associate.

If you have feedback about this guide, please email HR Communications.

For a list of UBC’s statutory holidays, visit our Statutory Holidays page.

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