Dealing with Internal Conflicts

Working Together

Working together smoothly is an important ingredient if colleagues are to reach their potential and strive toward common goals. However, in any workplace it’s possible for internal conflicts to arise. After all, at work we’re expected to interact with others who may not share our values, behaviours or expectations for work. Some common causes of conflict in the workplace:

  • Strained relationships or personality clashes
  • Communication problems
  • Differing moral, social or religious values
  • Differing, views goals, interests or perceptions
  • Pressures of responsibilities
  • Competition for limited resources
  • Organizational or leadership problems

Dealing with internal conflicts is a major challenge that arises for anyone who manages staff. The goal is to resolve the conflict respectfully and as quickly as possible.

Contact HR for Support

Your HR Advisor is your source for coaching, advice and assistance in dealing with internal conflicts. To give you the best support possible, your HR Advisor should have a full understanding of the background of the conflict, how you have managed it so far, and ideas you have about how best to resolve it.

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